WOODEN SWORD

                                    OUT ON KINDLE 1 JUNE 2014

  From the killing fields of Bosnia and Afghanistan Wooden Sword tells the story of two childhood friends from Birmingham. Alan Howard and Ali Asif.

As young boys they both spent many a summer enjoying magical holidays on Llandudno’s West shore in North Wales. Together with their wooden swords they would fight off invisible enemies of black knights on the vast deserted beach.

Come their teenage years the boys grew apart. Because of a love of animals Ali trained to be a vet, whilst Alan joined the army and served in Bosnia.

But years later whilst home on leave Alan met up once more with Ali.

On of all days September 11 2001.

Alan and Ali argued over different opinions regarding the attack on New York. They again go their separate ways, only for their paths to cross in frightening circumstances in Afghanistan. Where Ali was fighting for the Taliban and Alan was serving as a British soldier.

This dramatic and tragic story reaches a crescendo in a place where it all began. West Shore, Their short lives ripped apart by war and religion, they found themselves surrounded by real dark knights. A friendship tested beyond all limits faced its last and greatest hurdle.


                                 John Ludden